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Eek, life's a little crazy busy right now, so I'm taking a break from LJ til things die down. If you need to reach me, gmail's the way. *lurv* and back soon!

*waves* from Flu-ville

On the second day of giftmas, yon flu has finally abated enough that I can stop being grateful for merely being alive and start being ungratefully sulky bout all the things I've missed/am missing. I feel like I'm missing out on all the giftmas cheer and get-togethers. Being sick for giftmas SUCKS.

On the plus side I can now stand for 5 minutes at a time, and can once again go slooooowly up and down stairs, which means I can *shower*.

On the downside I'm wobbly as all hell, probably because my body has spent the last 4 days consuming itself. It's a little alarming that I can *see* the effect this has had on my body. Look, ma, bones!

On the plus plus side, we may attempt a belated Xmas dinner tonight, and I fully intend to use my weakened state as an excuse to hog the stuffing and mashed potatoes. (They're carb-y, and thus prolly easiest on a recovering stomach...right? :)

And on the plus plus plus side, having been fever-free for 24 hours I'm apparently not likely infectious anymore, so as soon as the wobbliness and dizziness abate I can go see one of those awesome new movies that are out. Sherlock Holmes! Avatar! Popcorn!
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Mark your calendars...

...because it's that time again. Time for what? Time for...

Subversive Fishnet Day!!!

WTF, you say? Did you miss this last year? Well, the whole thing was sparked by this blog post, which made me wander around thinking that really, everyone should get to wear fishnets. Consider it a symbol of personal freedom, an expression of creativity, a protest of winter's fashion-crimping, or plain ol' lust for nets. And lo, SFD was born.

This year, the date is Friday, February 13th. This gives you a chance to flaunt your fishnets at work and take'em dancing afterwards. And if your office allows casual Fridays, all the better.

Don't just stop at leggings, though -- think of all the possibilities! You can wear netty armwarmers too, or gloves, or a shirt (ooooo, daring!). Anything that takes your fancy, really. If the idea of wearing them around the office scares you, check out this article on how to wear fishnets to work. And boys, yes, you can wear fishnets too -- trust me!

So there ya go. Pass the word. Find your fishnets. Get a little silly. Have fun.

[Edit: And now there's a FB event to go with it. Post your pics there!]

Boston >> recommendations?

So it's confirmed that my coworker and I are bound for Boston two weeks from now...and apparently so is the rest of the world, because our agents are saying most hotels are full up and we won't find a decent place downtown for less than $400/night. (*thud*)

My question for those who know Boston, then -- can you recommend places we should try? I'm thinking B&Bs might be a good option (assuming our travel policies allow it). Smaller independent hotels too. Our needs: Within 5-10 minute cab ride of downtown, and preferably less than $250 $175/night. Non-smoking.

Also, can you suggest at any yummy, vegan-friendly places to eat?

And lastly, if you had just one night in Boston, what would you recommend for chilling out and seeing a bit of the place? (And if you had two nights?)


Reminder: Earth Hour tomorrow!

Earth Hour is tomorrow. It's a climate change awareness event organized by the World Wildlife Federation, and it's easy to participate -- just turn out your lights between 8pm and 9pm!

A quote from the WWF site that's making me happy:

"Canada has one of the highest participation rates around the globe with over 150 cities participating! Many buildings and landmarks will turn off their lights. These include the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Toronto Eaton Centre, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Honest Ed’s in Ontario; the Olympic Flag, City Hall Clock and all buildings in which the City of Vancouver operate; and the MacDonald Bridge, City Hall, and Parade Square in Halifax."

(Kinda makes me wish I could be in TO to see the media circus at Yonge & Dundas go dark. ;)

So go for a walk and see which parts of your city go dark tomorrow eve. Or stay home, cozy up with some friends, and tell ghost stories in the dark. Or, y'know, find something else to do that doesn't need light. What do you do when the lights go out?
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Oh, and because people have asked, we did indeed reach a consensus...

Subversive Fishnet Day
February 14th!!!

Mark your calendars, find yourself some awesomely catchy fishnets, charge the camera batteries,, pass the word along, and prepare to show some leg*.

* Unless you're planning to wear something other than stockings. Armwarmers? A shirt? Gloves? Go for it. But if you're wearing fishnetty underwear, you might not want to show those off at the office. ;P

Note: One brave friend has experimented, and reports that fishnets don't look too bad even on hairy boy legs, so don't let the girls have all the fun.

Note #2: Another friend pointed out this helpful page on how to wear fishnets to work. Woot!